Why LifeStart?


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Why LifeStart?

Careful farrowing management is the foundation for lifelong performance and health.

  • LifeStart helps farmers to achieve higher performance and productivity through its unique focus during the critical window of opportunity at the early stage of life.
  • LifeStart offers the science, solutions and applications to unleash the full potential of piglets.
  • LifeStart targets high average daily gain (ADG) and higher weight at weaning.

How it works?

The LifeStart Program works because of a natural phenomenon known as metabolic programming.

Metabolic programming determines that the potential of an animal in later life is pre-programmed during the vital first weeks of life. It has been recognized that environmental and nutritional influences during early life development have a profound and long-lasting effects on animals. This is an entirely natural phenomenon that has been proven to exist in all kinds of mammals.

The effect is best described as an improvement of the whole life health and performance of individuals beyond what would previously have been considered their full potential. And the directly observed cause of this effect is a better quality piglet in the neonatal period who is prepared for growth and health in later life.

Science meets practice

LifeStart is dedicated to the promotion and refinement of practical farming methods and the scientific principles behind.
It aims to promote collaboration within the dairy sector, in order to develop sustainable solutions for an efficient and profitable dairy industry that is both ready and able to feed the future.