The LifeStart effect and feeding the world

Dr. Leo den Hartog relates the excitement about the new concepts behind LifeStart and the science that backs them up.

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The LifeStart effect and feeding the world

Professor Leo den Hartog, Director of R & D and Quality Affairs at Trouw Nutrition, and Professor of Sustainable Animal Nutrition in Production Chains at Wageningen University, is bullish about the future of animal nutrition and the LifeStart brand's contribution to furthering the advancement of scientific and research breakthroughs that will help feed the world's ever-increasing population.

Professor den Hartog is optimistic for several reasons. The first is the success of the recent LifeStart Global Dairy Calf Symposium. Participants including researchers, professors and farm advisors from 17 different countries, all came together to share the latest knowledge, ask questions, network and discuss their motivations as well as thoughts and experiences from their home countries. It was the openness of the discussions and the willingness of everyone to share their research that was most encouraging to the Professor.

He's also confident about the "LifeStart sets Life Performance" approach and its focus on explaining the science behind setting calves up in early life in order to promote the best production possible later on. In terms of LifeStart products and concepts, den Hartog is equally enthusiastic. He feels that there are three areas LifeStart needs to focus on. Firstly, he feels the focus should be on a higher feeding level, or amount, which has a profound effect on both long-term health and production. Secondly, he emphasizes the need for a good concentration in the products, such as CMR, so that it's not just that you're feeding more, but also that it's a better quality product. And lastly, hand in hand with the above, he also feels it's imperative to have the right composition in the feed, so that animals get all of the vital nutrition they need and deserve.

Professor den Hartog sees the next step in the LifeStart story as really figuring out the specifics of those metabolic pathways, how we can better influence them through nutrition to make them work even more efficiently and optimally, and to constantly improve the product line based on the newest scientific insights.

Ultimately, the Professor emphasizes that all who are involved in the AgriFood sector serve an incredibly important function as they provide the most valuable resource there is in society: food. With the right products and the right approach, Professor den Hartog believes that those in this most important sector can rise to the challenge of feeding the world in 2050, and beyond.

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