Professor Leo den Hartog: The LifeStart effect and feeding the world

I'm very positive about the last day of the Symposium. First of all, the attendance: We see the participants, we had people from 17 different countries all around the world. They came over to here for this day. That's great! That they came here to see what are the latest results of research.

Second, also, you see that in the audience we had professors of leading universities, but we also had advisors from farms, and that mix was very good. We had a lot of questions after each presentation. We had very in-depth presentations and very applied presentations. I was chairing that meeting. And, it's always a problem when there are no questions when people have given a presentation. And we had so many discussions in a positive way; people adding and asking. So, that was great!

Also, the networking. There was a lot of networking during the breaks, in the evening, people finding each other and hearing how people are thinking and experiencing in other countries.

So, the presentations were great! Very good speakers. Very enthusiastic. It was really open, so everyone shared the results of research. It was not just one product and people want to talk about it. No. They just all talked about motivations. And that's the way we have to go. How these products and how these concepts work-- And, to make a step, as we say, in the first two months of a calf, that's what's happening and that has an effect on later life results. I think that is a big step forward in our approach: "LifeStart sets life performance."

And the next step is to see really: Which are the pathways? How can we influence them by nutrition? To have even better products—to have concepts that support this. That's great! That's really exciting. And I look forward to making improvements on the newest insights.

You see, when you look now, when you have calf milk that is a concentration that is too low to have good results later in life, you really need the top calf milk replacers because the concentration is increasing. Now, going from 1 to 7 it will go to 1 to 5 and to 6, so you really need the top products. And these days gave insights and gave results to support it.

So, I'm very excited and very driven because we work in a very important sector: The Agri-Food sector. We are directly and indirectly food producers. And I'm proud to work in this area, producing food. Because people can live without cars, without TV's, without bikes, but they can never live without food. So it's very important what we are doing, and we have to realize this.

And the excitement is on the "LifeStart sets life performance" program because it's three ways: You need healthy animals, of course, but the three ways are: You need a good feeding level, and we have seen that the higher feeding level in the beginning has an effect later in life. You need a good concentration- the concentration of powder in the product. And, you need a good composition. And that means you really can make steps forward, if you have the right products and the right approach, and then we can help feed the world in 2050. I'm sure we can.

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